The long… delay

Apologies for yet another lengthy hiatus. Since graduating from my MFA program in the middle of July my life has been busy: chiefly I’ve been occupied in finishing and polishing the novel I wrote for the MFA, and in getting our household ready for our second child, due in about a month. And I’ve been reading a lot. I am going to try to begin posting my thoughts on my reading again. I have a few things to say about a new-to-me writer, Amy Fusselman, three of whose books (there’s these two together, and this one, the newest) I’ve just read and found to be incredibly interesting and beautiful. I’ve also recently re-read Christos Yannaras’ Variations on the Song of Songs, and I would love tot talk about that, possibly in conversation with the Fusselman books, and certainly with Rachel Cusk’s Faye Trilogy (that would be OutlineTransit, and Kudos), which I also finished recently and thought the whole was extremely good and important. I will be re-reading some medieval German literature soon, in combination with a couple of books by Roger Scruton on Wagner’s work: Death-Devoted Heart: Sex and the Sacred in Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde and The Ring of Truth: the Wisdom of Wagner’s Ring of the NibelungI wonder if Scruton is planning a third book on Wagner, which would naturally look at Parsifal. Anyway, it seems silly to read those books without thinking about Wagner’s last music drama and reading Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival, as I was planning to do at the beginning of the summer. It so happens I’ve been peaking back into Wolfram’s Willehalm lately as well, and I think someone needs to write a wee post or two about Wolfram’s twinned masterpieces. And then of course I have to finish the final, 1200-page volume of Knausgaard’s roman-fleuve. We’ll see how far I get in all this. Kid No.2 is fast approaching, and I have a few other things to do, like query fifty thousand people for the novel, polish up the fantasy novel and query a different fifty thousand people for that one, look for work, and maybe at some point sleep a little.